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FOX News
Dec 23, 2012 9:00am PST
. police officer edward norton in boston jumps in the frigid water to save a woman's life. it is not clear how the woman fell into the water but a witness says that he threw his car into park and leapt into the water after her, carrying a life saving ring with him as you can see, the woman is being treated for are hypothermia but is expected to fully recover. >>> after more than a year, president obama has finally begun to release his regulatory agenda. the u.s. law requires federal agencies to publicly report proposed regulations that will have a significant impact directly to congress. we now know from the government's website from the department of labor that just within the last four months more than 6,000 new proposed regulations are pending. shannon bream is investigating the onslaught of new regulations and spoke with the founder and president of the media research center who says the media has failed to keep the american public informed about this. >> nobody is reporting the truth about obama care. you know, p.j. o'rourke made a great observation 20 years ago when said if you think
FOX News
Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
wrong. isn't that the test for insanity? >> it's interesting, new york followed what we remember the mcnorton rule and until 1965 and then they went with a slightly different iteration. one can you appreciate the facts of what you are doing. you are squeezing someone's neck and you think are squeezing lemons and number two, you know what you are doing is wrong. there is a couple interesting points. number one she ran away from the scene. show theoretically. >> gregg: consciousness of guilt? >> conscious necessary you know what you did is wrong. two, her specific language about because he is muslim is same argument. >> she admitted in doing it. it's not all the aliens were following me, she pushed him. i targeted this person. >> gregg: in the case of andrea yates, she drowned her children in the bathtub. she called police which prosecutors used against her and said, hey, she understood what she had done and knew that it was wrong. she was eventually on a second trial found to be insane. >> that is the flip side of what you just said. you have to be crazy to call the police, right? that is inte
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2